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Why Fitness?

Most importantly, Quality of Life.

Our mission is to help people achieve fitness for an adventurous life. Which spelled out is achieving your personal best in our 5 Peaks of Breath, Nutrition, Movement, Recovery, and Adventure.

Why we coach using the 5 Peaks is because they help us define what is needed and because they work. The techniques can come from anywhere they are found. If meditation works to calm and focus the mind, we’ll use it. If techniques found in Pilates work for increasing core strength we’ll use them. Does it work is what matters.

Things that work in any field or domain reveal themselves if you’re paying attention. Once you identify them and quantify them then you can teach them, this is what we do.

Why we coach people to achieve fitness is because it is a fantastic vehicle to deliver the quality of life all of us want.

We want to be 97 years old and be able to go for an amazing mountain hike with friends. This is a goal we all can buy into. Fitness training in all five of our 5 Peaks will give us optimal health and fitness so we can get there.

Building sustainable habits one day at a time is the way to succeed at anything you want to achieve. This is why we focus on habit building to achieve results. Bettering oneself physically and mentally with a daily guided practice is proven to increase productivity, happiness, and longevity of a person’s life.

Here is one actionable thing you can do right now to practice bettering yourself – Go for a walk.

Walking is proven to make you happier. Plus of course, it burns a few calories too. If it was good enough for Charles Dickens and Steve Jobs, maybe it’s good enough for us.

Knowledge links: Do you want to read more about how Awesome for us walking is –

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