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What is Fitness for an Adventurous Life?

The answer is actually very simple; Fitness for a long Adventurous life is holistic. What we mean by that is it needs to be all-encompassing and diverse. It can’t just be pull-ups, it can’t be just yoga or it can’t be just meditation or long-distance running, or salads or ….. you get the drift. This is why we have our 5 Fitness domains (breath, nutrition, movement, recovery, adventure) so our fitness is diverse, all-encompassing, and targeted.

Here’s what we know to be true; diversity improves your life, may that be through learning new ways to make a tasty dinner or through friends that are different from you or travel to experience new things so you learn and grow as a human. Fitness is the same, by combining crosstraining and functional fitness with great coaching and a fun diverse community you get Awesome results. It’s the knowledge you gain, the diversity of the training methods and the inspiration of the people that help you get better.

Our mission at Peak 5 Fitness is to build a Massive Tribe that aims to be Fit for a Long Fun Adventurous Life. This mission delivers whole health and fitness to our community while inspiring us collectively and individually as we witness victories, one person, at a time.

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