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Wall Ball Tricks

A few wallball tricks:
1. Stand as close to the wall as possible while maintaining good squat form. It’s hard enough to throw the ball 10 feet in the air…set yourself up so you don’t have to worry about throwing the ball to reach the wall.
2. Catching the ball high and guiding it to the rack position is easier on your body than Catching in the rack position. The later causes unnecessary pounding and can cause your torso to be pulled towards the wall at an angle. That leads to weight on your toes and stress on your knees.  
3. At the bottom of the squat maintain great form. Keep your torso as parallel to the WALL as possible.  When you stand you will then elevate your butt and the medicine ball at the same rate. It is bad form when your butt rises and then you. make adjustments for the Medicine Ball.

These are three little tips that I noticed people doing wrong. Fix it and get better. We are all works in progress.

by Matt

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