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The Yogi vs CrossFit II

Myths about CrossFit and women:

I have to get in better shape before I go!

I don’t want to get bulky/ look less feminine

It’s too hard!

Those are just a few that I have heard since my first Yogi vs CrossFit post. The truth is these things crossed my mind before I went to my first class too. I was teaching at a yoga studio that was conveniently located just a few doors down from CrossFit City of Angels, this meant I had to walk past the gym everyday to get to my studio. What I saw each time I walked by surprised me, there were men and women, and they were smiling! Huh?
CrossFit City of Angels team having some fun before flipping tires!

Finally I decided to just pop in one day and speak with the owner (Pete) and find out what CrossFit was all about. Right away I felt at ease. As a self-proclaimed “anatomy geek” I was pleasantly surprised to hear Pete and the other coaches pay so much attention to proper form and alignment. There was no pressure to just lift the heaviest weight you could pick up. From the very first class I was advised to never compromise my form just to use more weight. I cannot stress this enough ladies – you are not forced to lift heavy weights (early on I started with just a bar bell no weights)!

It’s been several months since I began training and my clothes still fit the same (I never weigh myself so I can’t say if that has changed). What has changed is the shape and tone of my legs, back, arms and abs! The women who have been doing CrossFit longer than me do not look beefed up or seem to lack an outwardly feminine appearance!

Seeing women doing push ups, pull ups and many other tough workouts is inspiring. The atmosphere of the gym is never about trying to push you to the point of hurting yourself – but motivating you to a place you did not think you were capable of reaching. I leave my workouts feeling like a super hero!

So lets revisit those myths:

I have to get in better shape before I go! – Come as you are and let a coach help you reach your fitness goals

I don’t want to get bulky/ look less feminine – Most work outs are about 20 min and there is cardio involved too!

It’s too hard! – Challenge yourself and take pride in your accomplishments (on and off the mat/ inside and outside of the gym)

You are more than welcome to check out more of my pictures on my site as proof – CrossFit does not make you look the incredible hulk!

By Jess

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