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The CrossFitter’s Gift Guide

We all know the biggest question surrounding Christmas: How much does Santa deadlift in total gift-weight on Christmas Eve? But the next biggest question of the holidays: What do we buy our CrossFit-crazed friends and loved ones?

CrossFit City of Angels has the answer with this elf-approved holiday gift guide. You can pick up some of the essentials right at CFCOA!

Stocking Stuffers ($15 and under)Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.19.29 PM

• Lacrosse ball  ($3-5): When you’re too cheap to buy your sweetheart a massage, the lacrosse ball is the next best option. Available at CFCOA!

Athletic tape ($3-10):  No one wants to hold hands with someone who has blisters. This is the best selfish gift you can give your boyfriend or girlfriend.

• Recovery drinks ($3-5): Who doesn’t want a can of GunPowder in their stocking?

Resistance bands ($6-20): Warming up at the gym is so passé. Warm up at home with your own resistance band!

• Liquid Chalk ($7): Goes on wet, turns powdery dry. Only the dirty masses dip their hands in the chalk bucket.

You’re Neat ($15-40)Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.56.03 AM

• Foam Roller ($20): Because you’re tired of massaging your honey’s IT band. Available at CFCOA!

• Fish Oil (~$30): Nothing says I love you like processed fish liquid. Available at CFCOA!

• Rogue T-Shirts ($25): Do you even wear Rogue, bro? Better yet, show some pride and get a CFCOA T-shirt.

• Jump Rope ($15-65): Who knew a piece of wire with plastic handles could be so expensive?

• Wrist Wraps (~$20): Weak wrists are so last year. Available at CFCOA!

• Rock Tape ($20): What’s sexier than taping up your lover before a sweaty workout? KT tape is a great way to treat injuries and improve sports performance. Available at CFCOA!

• Voodoo Floss ($24-30): If she wants to floss, she’ll have her own.

• Books ($25-35): Why not curl up by the fire and read about CrossFit? Whether it’s Becoming a Supple Leopard, 5-3-1, or Olympic Weightlifting, a book is a great way to expand your sweetheart’s CrossFit knowledge base.

I Like You ($40-$100)Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.40.24 AM

• Workout Bag ($40-100): Maybe your lover is already equipped with a pile of CrossFit accouterments. Buy her a bag to organize it all. The options are endless. Try eBags for budget bags, or try high-end stores like fitmark for highly customized bags. Some even offer separate pockets for meal management.

• Protein Powder (~$45): Who doesn’t want to tussle with a little more muscle? We recommend the grass-fed, free range whey protein made by StrongerFasterHealthier. Available at CFCOA!

• Weight Belt ($20-120): The best ones start at about $50. Look for about 4″ of support all around.

I Love You ($100 and up)

• CFCOA Gift Certificate (Variable): Maybe you have a loved one who loved Thanksgiving dinner a little too much? Buy them a gift certificate and give them the gift of fitness. Check out the deal for December: new members get their first three months for just $99/month!

• Shoes ($80-220): Whether it’s their first pair of weightlifting shoes or a replacement for their worn-down Reebok Nanos, nothing tells your CrossFitter “I love you” more than a new pair of shoes.

• Paleo Food Delivery Service (Variable): The way to a CrossFitter’s heart is through his or her stomach. If you’re willing to slap down a few hundred bucks for your honey, consider buying them a month of paleo food delivery. There are tons of companies to choose from, including Paleo on the Go, Fuel Build, and Paleo Delivers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.02.26 AM• Rogue Froning Barbell ($300-525): If you want your loved one to look like Froning, they gotta train like Froning, right? Rogue offers Froning series barbells (because of course) in sexy black zinc. Yes, there are cheaper barbells available without the Froning name.



• Gym in a Box ($7,794): Skip the wedding ring, folks. What your sweetheart really wants is a garage outfitted with a mini gym, with enough equipment for five people. Just sayin’.

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