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The CrossFit Games are almost here and you can compete!

The CrossFit Games Open, a worldwide, inclusive, five-week competition that kicks off next week Wednesday February 22. Everyone in the world is invited to compete in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time. Last year, more than 26,000 athletes competed in the Open. With the community’s rapid growth, this year promises to be substantially larger.
The CrossFit Games Open starts next Wednesday (you can sign-up now at We will be doing all of the competition WOD’s at the gym. They will take place on Saturdays at 9:30am (1st WOD Saturday the 25th). Every member is invited and Highly encouraged to come participate. The Open is truly a one of a kind event in the world of sports. The fact that regular Joes & Janes can compete at the same thing at the same time as the pros is pretty cool. That is a great aspect of CrossFit, we all are in the same community. These WOD’s will be a lot of fun & I guaranty they will push your limits. If you’ve been here on Wednesdays for the past six weeks you’ll have a decent understanding of what may be expected. Do you want to be part of the CFCOA team? All you have to do is log into he CrossFit Games site, pay the entry fee (a measly $20), & join our team “CrossFit City of Angels”.
So if for 5 weeks you want the ultimate test in fitness, join us as a team to compete in the world wide CrossFit Open!
Details –
• Register now @
• Registration fee $20
• Team CrossFit City of Angels
• 1st WOD announced Wednesday February 22
• 1st chance hit the WOD, Saturday February 25 @ 9:30am
• Length of open 5 weeks, 5 WOD’s

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