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Solve your biggest problems, by Making your world small

Navy SEALs call it front sight focus because that is where they and you need to put your energy, on that small point. Make your world small is an actionable concept to solve the most important things in your life.

One of the biggest reasons people give up on huge goals…or give up in the face of an unexpected challenge…is the distance between here, where you are today, and there, where you someday hope–or need–to be.

If today your job is on pause or you lost it all together or if you now are a homeschool teacher to your kids or you just want to go enjoy a “normal” night out and there seems to be no end in sight to shutdowns and social distancing…the distance between here and there can seem insurmountable.

Looking at the big picture? That might only serve to make you want to give up. There’s no way to get from here to there.

Instead, decide you’ll think small.

Set your goal, then focus all your attention on the process you’ve created to achieve your goal. Decide what you’ll care about most is what you need to do today.

And when you accomplish that, allow yourself to feel good about today.

After all, you accomplished what you set out to do. That sense of accomplishment will give you the motivation–the mental reprieve and reset–you need to do what you need to do tomorrow.

But only if you think small.

Layout all the steps that will get you through the challenge you face. Then break that list down into daily or hourly blocks of time.

Then focus on getting to the next day, or the next block of time. And then, only think about the next, then the next. Focus on the single task at hand you can accomplish now, this will build to the whole.

By keeping your focus, you will accomplish your goals one small bite at a time.

What once seemed too overwhelming to even consider, you’ve accomplished (by keeping your world small) using that singular focus on the small point right in front of you.

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