Personal Training

The Value of Personal Training

Peak 5 Fitness is more than a normal gym. Our view of fitness is holistic; we believe you’ll never truly achieve good, well-rounded health just by lifting weights or running on a treadmill. We have 5 domains that equal Peak health and fitness. In addition to our quality programming designed to improve your functional movement, we take a unique approach to improving your overall wellness. That means we focus on more than just physical conditioning: we care about proper nutrition, opportunities for health and wellness education, and strong community and social support.

Personal Training

Because having the undivided attention of a coach can make all the difference in gaining the fitness & health you strive for. Personal training will help you improve your technique at a quicker pace. Also with the coach as your guide, you will hone in on your personal weaknesses and make them a thing of the past. To achieve your goals consistency is key, stand-alone sessions are not recommended, working out only once is basically a waste of your time. There is a much greater value and results with the consistency of scheduled weekly sessions.

All Personal Training Memberships include:

  • One-on-One sessions for maximum results, you will get personal attention from highly skilled coaches & a program designed with you specifically in mind.
  • Personal Nutrition Plan to optimize your eating habits for RESULTS.
  • Personal Goal Setting Orientation to lay the foundation of how best to achieve overall fitness & health for years to come.
  • Access to Beyond the Whiteboard, an online workout & nutrition tracking system.
  • Personal check-ins for assessment of your fitness & health improvements, future goal setting and accountability

We get results because we approach wellness from every angle and provide you opportunities to grow in a variety of ways. In addition to our private sessions, here are some of the unique options available only through Peak 5 Fitness:

  • Nutrition coaching & group challenges to motivate you to achieve your best.
  • A food co-op program to purchase affordable, organic vegetables and eggs from local farmers delivered directly to you or the gym.
  • Mobility sessions because you want to remain injury free & have no limitations in your workout routine, not to mention your daily life.
  • Endurance training for athletes competing in triathlons or marathons, or for folks who simply want to improve their physical endurance.
  • Regular group Adventure trips to have Fun while seeing your fitness results in action, plus this gives you opportunities to practice and enjoy other athletic activities while checking out awesome places.
  • Occasional specialty classes such as meditation, kettlebells, olympic weightlifting, self-defense, boxing and more.
  • Lots of social events to get to know the people you get sweaty with each day!



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