Fitness Classes

“We believe in Movement as one of our 5 domains to achieve Peak health and fitness. We have been teaching people to be Fit for 20+ years and we’ve proven that the best way to be completely Fit is to have diversity in your training program. This is why we are huge believers in cross-training and functional fitness. When we combine a diverse set of highly effective exercise movements then deliver those in an efficient manner taught by a skilled coach and supported by an amazing crew of fellow classmates you have a winning recipe for Fitness success. Do this week in and week out, you are guaranteed to see the results you need and want.

Here’s our equation for Movement (exercise) success; Effectiveness + Efficiency + Fun = Results

Our Fitness Program

Our goal isn’t just to get you in the best shape of your life; it’s to get you in the best shape for your life. What we do will seem radically different from what you imagine a gym experience to be, and that’s because it is. Our view of fitness is holistic; we believe you’ll never truly achieve good, well-rounded health just by lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Physical wellness is so much more than that. Our system develops you not just physically but also mentally across 5 domains that equal Peak health and fitness. What we deliver is superb workout programming complemented by in-depth education on how to achieve peak health and fitness. How we accomplish this is by outstanding coaching and we layer that guidance from your coach with support from our enthusiastic community.

How do I start and What does life inside a Peak 5 Fitness class look like?

It’s vibrant. It’s fun. It’s inevitably sweaty. When you first visit our box (our fancy word for a gym), we’ll sit down with you to talk about your goals then we will work together to create the best plan to achieve them. Once you join, you’ll learn fundamental movements in 1-on-1 sessions taught by expert coaches. You’ll soon graduate into our group Fitness classes where you still will get a lot of personalized help because you’ll have a seasoned coach helping you throughout the class. Also, while you are in class you and your fellow athletes (yes, we are all athletes) will be supporting each other to crush your daily workout.

We’re excited to get you started on a new approach to fitness!


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