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New Classes @ CFCOA

We have new classes & one schedule change starting this week (STARTING FRIDAY 2.10.12).

  • Fridays 8:30pm class is moving to 7:30pm.

Saturdays 2 new classes

  • 10:30am Barbell – Gain Strength & Work on Classic Barbell moves, Power Lifting & Olympic Weightlifting.  (all levels welcome)
  • 11:30am Endurance – Come meet at the gym & go play outside in the beautiful SoCal weather, Trail Run, Ride bikes, Swim, etc. With a emphasis on Endurance Sports Training. Do you want to compete in a Triathlon or a Marathon or anything like that? This is the class for you!   (all levels welcome)

Mondays 2 new classes

  • 5:30pm Redline – Cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance & Stamina, is the focus of this class.  A Fast paced class that will keep you moving from Start to Finish. Expect to have your lungs work overtime!   (all levels welcome)
  • 7:30pm Core – New guys, More chances to get in the gym!


  •   7:30pm Core – New guys (another one for you), More chances to get in the gym!

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