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Eat For Life! Challenge Recap

All I can say is…Wow! This was a long and involved challenge, and I am so proud of everyone who completed it, even if they didn’t follow all of the criteria 100%. For those not familiar with what the Challenge was, it was 12 weeks of eating mostly Paleo, combined with regularly working out, getting enough sleep, consistent stretching, taking daily fish oil supplements, and getting sufficient water daily. What was particularly impressive about this Challenge was that there was not a single person who followed through with it who did not make amazing changes – proof that we at CFCOA can backup what we preach!
Here are some examples of our contestants’ results:

  • ·         Audrey lost 10 lbs.
  • ·         Joe lost 5.7% body fat
  • ·         Kandarpa lost 2.25 inches off her waist
  • ·         Laura R. and Monica were able to pump out almost 2 more rounds of a workout that they had done at the beginning of the Challenge
  • ·         Lisa lost 11 lbs.
  • ·         Lynsey lost almost 4% body fat
Amazing, right?! I wish I could give a prize to everyone who finished, but alas, CFCOA would go broke. Therefore, Laura R. and Joe took first place for male and female, and Monica placed second, followed by Kandarpa with a close third.  There were also partner prizes with Team Monica and Laura S. and Team Audrey and Laura R. claiming them. Make sure to congratulate them next time you see them at the gym!
Stay tuned for our next diet challenge tentatively scheduled for January 2013. Until then, keep reaching for a happier, healthier, stronger you!
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