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10 Los Angeles CrossFit Gyms Making This Town a Little Bit More Badass


To us CrossFit isn’t just about box jumps and burpees. It’s about building a healthy life, becoming a stronger person and building friendships with people in our community. For us, CrossFit is about getting into life patterns of eating, exercise and community that will build a long lasting pattern of strength.

What gets us up every morning is the idea that together we are making a place where the stresses of jobs and traffic, and the limitations that try to hold us back, are left at the door. CrossFit is the best way that we’ve found to get stronger, break barriers and grow with other people right from our neighborhood in Los Angeles.

If you can’t tell, we are kind of passionate about this. That’s why we’ve created this guide to our favorite CrossFit Gyms in Los Angeles. These guys are doing awesome things in each of their neighborhoods.

Deuce Gym – Venice Beach

Duece Gym

Deuce has grit and swagger. Their operation runs out of a retired auto service shop and their philosophy is all about what they call General Physical Preparedness (GPP). That means that their core classes focus on the basics. Beyond GPP though, Deuce offers specialized classes in Olympic lifts, Strongman and Goal Setting. We love what these guys are doing and are stoked that they are part of the CrossFit community here in LA.

CrossFit Ganbatte – Los Angeles

CrossFit Ganbatte

Ganbatte is a Japanese word that means do your best. That’s what this gym has built its culture on. That perspective gives Ganbatte a family feel and is something we really find inspiring about them. If you are in the Los Angeles CrossFit community long, one thing you’ll hear consistently about Ganbatte in that people love the coaching and attention that JP and his team gives. Besides that, they name their workout classes things like “lunch break” and “rush hour”, that’s just cool. Keep it up guys.

CrossFit Mean Streets – DTLA


CrossFit Mean Streets is about playing to win. Their coaching staff is mad up of athletes from track stars to break dancers and their workouts are ambitious. CrossFit Mean Streets is in the heart of downtown and they bring that gritty urban vibe to their industrial space every day. These guys and girls are rocking it in every way and we are glad to have them in the neighborhood.

 CrossFit Eagle Rock – Eagle Rock

CrossFit Eagle Rock

CrossFit Eagle Rock does a great job bringing inspiration through stories from its members. We love that. A few minutes spent browsing through their featured athletes and you’ll hear stories of broken barriers, renewed ambition and community. The CFER coaching team runs with a solid coaching staff that has diverse backgrounds in fitness and nutrition. These guys are a class act through and through.

 Crossfit 626 – Pasadena

Crossfit 626

CrossFit 626 started in a Garage when Pam, Nicole and Brandon needed a place to train friends and co-workers. Although they’ve since outgrown their garage, they’ve continued to keep classes intimate and accessible and have kept a big emphasis on community. Their offering includes customized classes for kids, adults and seniors. These guys are passionate about strength and full body wellness and we’re glad that they are rocking the 626 area code with some top notch CrossFit training.

 CrossFit High Voltage – Burbank

Crossfit High Voltage

CrossFit High Voltage is exactly that. They bring energy and expect results in their Burbank box. The founder was a member of the US national Taekwondo team for 8 years and found CrossFit after retiring from the team. In 2009 he and his wife started their box. CFHV has boot camps, personal training and some great WODs. All in all, we think they are pretty cool.

 DogTown CrossFit – Culver City

Crossfit Dog Town

DogTown CrossFit has been in the game here in Los Angeles for 4 years now. The Culver City box was the collaboration of three life-long athletes. The owners came to the table with backgrounds in Olympic level Judo, elite level gymnastics, and competitive snowboarding among other things. These guys are serious about fitness and they offer split-level classes to be sure that every athlete gets the right attention. Love these guys attention to detail and the community they are building in Culver City.

 CrossFit Training Yard – Toluca Lake

Crossfit Training Yard

The Training Yard is the home of 7-time CrossFit games competitor, Becca Voigt. That means that outside of fitness and nutrition, the gym brings a unique competitive experience that fuels work towards member’s fitness goals. This gym brings high expectations and backs them up with the training to get there. Keep rocking Toluca Lake guys.

CrossFit LA – Santa Monica


CrossFit LA just hit their 10 year anniversary. Their program is top notch in just about every way and we love their philosophy that recognizes that fitness starts in the mind and then becomes a way of life. CrossFit LA does all of their own programming for the box and spends time focusing on practice, competition and mental toughness. CFLA is making Santa Monica that much cooler.

 CrossFit Rep Scheme – Northridge

CrossFit RepScheme

CrossFit RepScheme is breaking PRs in Northridge. Their gym has a solid facility with all the toys and a great community of people that are going after a higher level of fitness. CFRS has thrown down some deep roots in Northridge and gives members all kinds of opportunities to get involved in local causes. They even got recognized recently as the business of the month in that area. Love what you guys are doing, keep it up!

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