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CrossFit Competition – Jump In!


Written by: Rose Bachtel

You’d probably be surprised to find out that I, a coach at CFCOA and a CrossFitter for over 3 years, have never competed at a CF competition before. But it’s true. Like many of you, I just never thought I was good enough to compete, and I didn’t think of myself as “the competitive type”.   However, after last weekend, I realized that a) yes, I am good enough to compete, and b) it’s not about the competition, it’s about much more.

I am an athlete. We all are. Humans are wired to run, jump, lift heavy things, etc., and we all have the potential to be good at all of those things. Now, it takes years of training, dedication, and discipline to compete at an Olympic level and some have more genetic help than others, but I bet that you have much more physical potential than you think is possible. This is an empowering concept, and competition allows you to test these limits, to better find your potential. Every single one of the athletes at the competition, even if they came in dead last, performed at a level that far exceeds what the average person their age/sex thinks is possible. Therefore, if you don’t think you are good enough to compete, think again. You will impress family and friends – and especially yourself – by showing up and giving it your all.

I was so nervous the night before the competition because I thought I would embarrass myself, I thought that people would think, “What is she doing here? She’s not good enough.” But you know what? When I showed up that morning and noticed that no one was focused on me specifically, that everyone was focused on the competitors they knew and that my supporters were routing for me – not waiting to see me fail, the competition became all about doing the best that I could and having a blast in the process. My partner Angel and I worked as one unit – he pushed me when I needed it, and I in turn kept him going even when he wanted to stop. We became closer friends that day, bonded by the shared sweat experience, and I also bonded with the other CFCOA team and supporters who came to cheer us on. We all hung out in between heats, shared food and tips, and even made friends with new folks. The CrossFit community is a great community, and getting out of our box to experience others made me better appreciate this community of people striving to promote and live healthier, stronger lives.

So next time there’s a CrossFit competition near you, sign up and dive in. You will gain confidence, a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie, knowledge, and fun. Step out of your comfort zone, and you may be surprised at how you step up to the plate. Or if you still don’t think you’re “the competitive type”, at least come and check out a competition: I guarantee you will leave being proud to call yourself a member of this inspiring community.

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