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Christmas Present!

At CFCOA we don’t do open gym. Why? Because we believe in Coaching. 
If you come in and do your own thing on your own time, why not go to a globo gym (You can do that there)? 
OK, maybe the gym has way cooler stuff to play with, the people/community is awesome or it’s just really a better gym all around. BUT, at a CrossFit gym there should be, there has to be Coaching & it should be Great Coaching! All of that aside, sometimes it’s nice to come in and work on the things that you need to work on specifically for you the individual. So as a Christmas present to you guys (the Awesome members of CFCOA) we are having an open gym on Saturday December 24 from 10:30am to noon. IT WILL BE COACHED. The trainers will be there to guide you & coach you with whatever you need that day, name it, we got you.
You the Athletes are the Best group of people I have had a pleasure to be around in a long time (probably ever). 
See you on Saturday.

by Pete

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