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Brian is ATOMIC

Ass Kicker all around and does it with a smile :) If there ever was anybody to lend a hand or crush a WOD Rx’d, Brian would be the guy. Consistency he has it. Seriously, we keep seeing him (I… Read more »

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Re-Charging With Electrolytes

No, they’re not just something invented by Gatorade. Electrolytes occur naturally in human beings and play a crucial role in our bodies’ function. Athletes working at long duration or high intensity — including CrossFitters — should be familiar with what… Read more »

CFCOA Big Bang Competition/Re-Grand Opening Party!

Join us for a day of friendly CrossFit competition with your fellow CFCOA athletes!  We’re celebrating our Grand Re-Opening with the Big Bang Competition, Saturday, October 11, 2014. We have amazing sponsors for this event. You’ll have the opportunity to sample products… Read more »

CFCOA Represents at the Civil War CF Comp!

Coaches Rose and Angel teamed up with Ass-Kickers Lyndsey and Brian for an all-day fun-in-the-sun competition down in Huntington Beach. This 4-person team ended up winning 4th place and had a blast doing so. Congrats to our CFCOA team and… Read more »