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Dominate Your WOD

So that 10-second countdown is on the timer again, and panic strikes. Are my shoes tied? Where’s the 400-meter run again? Did I take my nervous pee? Instead of freaking out about your WOD, here are some tips that’ll help you dominate it:  1. Prepare Always practice

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Kettlebells: The Best Weight in the Gym?

Ah, kettlebells: Those giant industrial-looking blobs of metal. What’s the point of them when we have more “refined” weights like dumbbells and barbells? As it turns out, they may very well be the best weight in the gym. The simple but thoughtful design of the kettlebell gives

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Reclaim Your Squat

Watch any healthy toddler and you’ll see that squatting is one of the easiest, most natural of movements. So why do so many of us have such a hard time doing one? There are many factors, but usually it boils down to decreased mobility due

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Olympic Lifting Glossary

You’ve been CrossFitting for nearly a year, but when your coach asks you to demonstrate a hang squat clean, beads of sweat begin to form over your brow. Is that the one that goes over my head? Sound familiar? If so, it’s time for you

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Mind Tricks for the Running WOD

Let’s say you’re already doing everything you can to improve your running: You’re practicing POSE running, wearing the right shoes, and trail running in Griffith Park with Anthony every Sunday morning. If you’re not, drop what you’re doing and e-mail Anthony right now! But let’s say

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ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Frank Figueroa

Frank Figs, ATOMIC July 2014! Frank not only works 90 hours a week at one of the most stressful jobs ever invented, but manages to (along with his awesome wife) raise two great kids at the same time. OH, then he somehow gets his butt

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It’s Time For You to Get Your First Pull-Up!

You’ve been CrossFitting now for three months. Six Months. Maybe more than a year. And still, despite your efforts, the strict, unaided pull-up remains elusive to you. It’s frustrating, and it’s time to make it stop! What most athletes struggling with pull-ups need to work

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ATOMIC Athlete of the Month: Caroline Netschert

Caroline – because we’ve seen you continually make it to the gym when others would have quit long before, because you always have a kick-butt attitude, because you inspire us to do better in our own lives. Caroline you are ATOMIC April 2015 – because

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