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Adventure In the Month for September

  Did you miss the Beach WOD in July or do you want see if you can do it better, maybe you just need to get better at swimming. All of these things you can do on Saturday September 9th.   Beach WOD details –

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Adventure In the Month for August

  Let’s go enjoy our backyard! Saturday August 12th at 8am we are going to do a cool hike from the Griffith Park Observatory to the Wisdom Tree. The hike will take about two hours, so we should be done before the heat of the

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Constantly Varied…Mobility?

We define CrossFit as constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. But does this notion of “constantly varied” apply to our mobility and recovery? Absolutely! Everyone probably has a go-to set of mobility exercises, whether it’s foam rolling, the lacrosse ball or the

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Get a Grip!

The muscles in our hands are often ignored even though they play an integral role in a wide variety of CrossFit workouts. Any movement involving a bar or ring—deadlifts, cleans, snatches, pulls, dips, muscle-ups—will require good grip strength to properly execute. How many times have

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Putting “You” in Team

One of CrossFit’s greatest strengths is the way in which it is structured. We offer classes not just to provide good coaching, but also to take advantage of the team dynamic. The team is a powerful tool you should be using to improve your performance

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Dynamic Stability: Beyond Hollow Rocks

Why do we practice hollow rocks and how are they any different from, say, planking? While planking is a static position, the hollow rock excels at creating dynamic stability. It’s one of the most important skills for developing strength and for exercising safely with intensity. Dynamic

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Good Form Starts with Good Posture

For some, one of the most difficult abilities to develop in barbell lifting is kinesthesia—an awareness of the position and movement of your body. Athletes are often surprised to see their set-up and execution when a coach takes a photo or video of them. They’re often far

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Dominate Your WOD

So that 10-second countdown is on the timer again, and panic strikes. Are my shoes tied? Where’s the 400-meter run again? Did I take my nervous pee? Instead of freaking out about your WOD, here are some tips that’ll help you dominate it:  1. Prepare Always practice

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Kettlebells: The Best Weight in the Gym?

Ah, kettlebells: Those giant industrial-looking blobs of metal. What’s the point of them when we have more “refined” weights like dumbbells and barbells? As it turns out, they may very well be the best weight in the gym. The simple but thoughtful design of the kettlebell gives

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Reclaim Your Squat

Watch any healthy toddler and you’ll see that squatting is one of the easiest, most natural of movements. So why do so many of us have such a hard time doing one? There are many factors, but usually it boils down to decreased mobility due

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