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What is Fitness for an Adventurous Life?

The answer is actually very simple; Fitness for a long Adventurous life is holistic. What we mean by that is it needs to be all-encompassing and diverse. It can’t just be pull-ups, it can’t be just yoga or it can’t be just meditation or long-distance

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Adventure In the Month – November

Joshua Tree National Park One of the coolest places on planet earth, an Awesome place to unwind, stargaze, and disconnect from the world while reconnecting with yourself. J Tree has an amazing atmosphere; from spiky plants to car-sized boulders to spectacular sunsets, the place has

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Adventure In the Month – September

Annual Beach WOD. Come get your workout in full SoCal style. It’s once again time to Swim in the Pacific ocean, run on a nice sandy beach and get in a great workout with your friends and teammates. Details:

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Adventure Math: How many calories can I burn on a hilly hike?

Use the calculator below to try out a new equation developed by the military to estimate energy expenditure while hiking Walking uphill is harder than walking on level ground. Walking downhill is easier—until it’s not, as anyone who has walked down a long, steep mountain

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Adventure In the Month – August

The Hollywood Sign You’ve seen it in movies and over your shoulder as you walk down the street. Now is the time to get a closer look at this landmark while you breathe in some fresh air and enjoy a hike in our backyard of

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Peak 5 Fitness Disaffiliation from CrossFit

  To CrossFit HQ, Current Members, Past Members & Future Members of Peak 5 Fitness, We as of now disaffiliate from CrossFit the organization. We, unfortunately, need to do this because of the lack of shared values between us Peak 5 Fitness and CrossFit the

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30 Day C-19 Challenge

  Today we start our 30 Day C-19 Challenge. Why are we doing a Fitness challenge in such a crazy time? We are doing it precisely because it is a crazy time. In short, we NEED it. Being Fit in body & mind is always

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