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Best CrossFit Shoes

As with many things in life you need the right shoes to really do your best. Shoes support your movement, and offer support when necessary. Everyones foot is different and we have different styles of activity.

Here are a few of my favorite shoes for CrossFit, life and everything in between.

Converse All-Stars “Chucks” – My favorite all around shoe, durable and inexpensive. It is the best shoe for deadlifting period. The great thing about converse, they come in a wide array of colors and are available everywhere. They really are your old friend that never gets old.

Converse All Star

Olympic Lifting Shoes

An olympic lifting shoes is important to have. This is a functional piece of clothing. In order to gain maximum power from squats or lifts you need to be able to ground yourself to the floor. The solid platform and lifted heal make this the best shoe for establishing a secure and stable base for all power lifts.

Buying an olympic weightlifting shoe for CrossFit, make sure you purchase a pair that is light weight. If your WOD requires you to combine snatches with muscle ups, 10 rounds for time, that extra weight adds up FAST.

Also there are strict Olympic lifting shoes (made just for lifting weights and nothing else) and there are hybrids (shoes made for weight lifting & cross training). The strict show will be perfect for oly lifting but not very good or even terrible for cross training (i.e. running, etc). The hybrid will be good for lifting and good for cross training but not great at either.

Olympic Weightlifting Shoe

Running Shoe

Running another activity that needs it’s own dedicated shoe, especially if you’re doing long runs (a 5K or more). A shoe designed to support your foot and keep good form even in times of fatigue.

Running shoes vary based on your foot and your stride. Both of which are really personal. Brands like New Balance, Saucony and Asics are favorite brands for running. Adidas launches a new line of running shoes called the adidas Energy Boost that is suppose to maximize energy return.

Read this article about buying running shoes to asses your needs.

Don’t forget a CrossFit shoe

Reebok makes a line of CrossFit shoes. The CrossFit Nano series was designed to give the stability you need to stay grounded while lifting, in a minimalist platform to move quickly through reps. There is also enough cushioning for cardio and endurance movement, in a lightweight training shoe.


Inov8 – Inov8 is a shoe company that ” is designed to celebrate the grit and glory of the committed athlete”. The shoe is lightweight, minimal and functional. They have specific lines for different types of running, and functional training. View Inov8 product line.

It is a good shoe for all around training, however if you are tough on your shoes this one may not be an ideal match. They are a little fragile.

Talk to me or the other coaches at CrossFit City of Angels if you have specific questions about the best shoe for your needs. Contact us or stop by our gym in Los Angeles, CA on Melrose Ave.

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