Our Approach to Fitness


The 5 Fitness Domains

Why 5 domains?  Because it is what you need to be truly fit.
If you want to 100% healthy it must be well rounded and whole, this is a complete system in five simple steps to Peak health.

#1- Breath

Health isn’t just having six pack abs and being able to do push-ups, it is also about reducing your level of stress and anxiety. We incorporate breathing techniques and meditation to assist with stress reduction.

#2- Nutrition

Food is the foundation to our fitness, and we encourage optimal nutrition to support a healthy body and stave off disease.

#3- Movement

Keeping you moving correctly and safely is an important piece of long-term fitness, and our goal is to help you increase physical fitness across all spectrums.

#4- Recovery

Stressors both physical and mental place the body under strain that it must recover from. This domain deals with rest, mobility work and many other facets to restore a person to optimal levels of health.

#5- Adventure

Fun Goals. Testing the physical skills and fitness that have been gained through training. Plus a chance to learn new sports and explore awesome places while overcoming a challenge.