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30 Day C-19 Challenge


Today we start our 30 Day C-19 Challenge.

Why are we doing a Fitness challenge in such a crazy time? We are doing it precisely because it is a crazy time. In short, we NEED it.

Being Fit in body & mind is always important. When the world is in turmoil we need both of those in spades. We also need our shared community support, but for many of us, this has been cut off.

So here’s a way to not only maintain physical Fitness and peace of mind but to actually improve it over this next month!


Here’s the plan

  • Workout 3-5 times per week. Weekly we will be posting multiple bodyweight and minimal gear workouts you can do at home. Also, with the shutdown of all nonessential indoor spaces (like the gym), we have taken to our amazing local parks & hiking trails to continue community building workouts while maintaining safe effective social distancing + breathing fresh air. *Click here for this weeks times/locations & text 323.284.8906 for last-minute updates | **Start the Challenge with the 30 Day C-19 Test Click here to see the WOD
  • Eat healthy food in the right proportions & keep it simple. What are the right proportions? Imagine a plate; most of it will be filled with veggies, then you’ll have about 1/4 (or 3-4oz) of the plate filled with protein and the remaining 1/8 being fat (choose something healthy like avocado or nuts). Now we know there’s been a run on the grocery stores and you may not even want to go to one if that’s the case and you don’t have lots of veggies then for your carbs eat high-quality carbs like beans or oatmeal (these staples last for a long time, so stock up if you haven’t already).
  • Practice Peace of Mind. Start your day by practicing your breath. Just start with 3 minutes a day then work at adding 1-2 minutes a week to get to 10 minutes by the end of the 30 days. How do you practice? Just sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You don’t need to breathe differently, just breathe. When your mind wanders (& it will), just come back to your breath and stay on that as long as you can before it wanders again, then bring it back again, that’s all you need to do.


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