Adventure In the Month for April

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you’ve ever thought about doing some indoor climbing, you should definitely come out for this adventure, it’s an experience you and your muscles won’t soon forget.

Aside from the fact that you’ll, without a doubt, develop some serious upper body strength, there are a few other perks of indoor rock climbing.

You may not think of rock climbing as cardio, but researchers have found evidence to support that it is a good workout for your heart and lungs. One study observed a heart rate of 164+ in women in the midst of rock climbing, that’s a pretty good pace!

In addition to the physical benefits of climbing, you’ll also experience an intense mental workout; determining the best/easiest route up the wall and executing difficult rock climbing techniques will give your brain a workout too. Also, let’s not forget all of this is a fun way to test your current fitness and hang out with friends.



  • Saturday, April 21st
  • Meet at Hollywood Boulders at 10am
  • Skill & Fitness level needed: Beginner
  • Timeframe – As long as you like. Stay for an hour or all day
  • Email for sign up