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2012 Paleo Challenge

Hey Everybody!

So for the past month & a half we have been getting STRONGER (stronger is good).
To get stronger we need to EAT, not much problem with that over the holidays!
I love getting stronger (honestly I Hate cardio, can I just pick up something heavy please).
BUT, we want, we NEED to be well balanced, so I’m gonna drill the cardio, I’m gonna Kill the metcon’s.
Speaking of being well balance & getting back to that reason (probably / maybe the true reason) we started at the gym in the first place.
To look Great Naked!
On top of looking good & truly a better reason than our ego, Let’s feel better (I want to wake up or go to bed without any pain).
I want to kill the WOD’s (I know I have More, I do, I KNOW it!).


You can’t get away from it (you can’t).
So what am I getting at, what am I blabbering about?
The holiday’s will be over soon. I wont have a reason (an excuse) to eat that pie or whole whatever.
I will be stronger from from my 9 weeks of dedicated strength training!
So let’s get healthier, let’s get leaner, let’s get faster!

On Saturday January 7 @ 10:30am we will be hosting our 2012 Paleo Seminar.

This will kick off our Paleo Challenge, 8 weeks of treating our bodies the way they should be treated.
I know 8 weeks sounds like a Looong time, honestly it is a bit long (it should be, so we can see & feel the results).

What is Paleo? What does the challenge mean or entail?
That is exactly why we are doing the seminar to start this sucker up.
Here’s the brief explanation – whole food, nothing processed (yes cheetos, oatmeal, that list of ingredients on the box, if it comes in a box it probably shouldn’t be eaten), if it has more than the ingredient of say an orange, don’t.
I’m sure this sounds, ehh, like not a lot of fun, but give it a try.
8 weeks to the BEST you have EVER felt in your ENTIRE LIFE.
Not to mention you stand to walk away with some cash in your pocket!
& some serious WOW’s from your friends.

Some details –
Seminar Saturday January 7th @ 10:30am
$15 dollar buy in
Learn, Gain Knowledge on healthy eating
Pics (don’t be scared, we need to document, so you can look back & say really?)
Measurements (we need data, for proof you Kicked Ass!)
Benchmark WOD (remember it’s about health which means Performance)

So come, Better yourself, Push yourself (Isn’t this why we go to the gym?)

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