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Our Workouts are Fun, Diverse & Holistic.

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Your success matters a lot to us. Start by coming in for a free "no sweat" intro where you'll be able to share your fitness goals with us, and we'll give you our best recommendation on how we can partner together to get you to your Peak.

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Our 5 Fitness Domains

We believe that fitness is more than how strong or how lean you are, and that your overall fitness should include more than exercise.










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Meet Part of Our Tribe

These represent a few of the people that will be working out alongside you... improving their lives.

Kristen -

My reason for joining I want to be healthy and CrossFit is a fun sport. It includes all types of cardio, weight lifting and gymnastics. It's impossible to get bored!

James -

My advice to prospects would be I would tell them to join.

Alex -

I've learned that I can be immensely stubborn when it comes to fitness.... Haha... I think seeing those Rx weights is something to strive toward and succeed past, what's 5 more pounds here and there.

Kenton -

I wanted a community that would encourage and inspire each other to health and fitness without being overly intimidating. I found that here at CFCOA.

Convenient Location in Hollywood, CA

Koreatown, Silverlake, Los Feliz

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